Shelf Challenge - Week 3

So, as I was exploring/working my way through my poor 292s shelf,

I discovered this:  
My copy of Bullfinch's Mythology has a copyright of 1914. 

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  Look at the poor (taped) spine.  

Yes, I think it's beautiful on the inside -- gorgeous color illustrations.

But will students check it out?

According to my circulation stats, apparently not. 



Reorder a new, snazzy version like this?

or this?


Sadly, I will most likely keep it but add the updated one to my wish list.
My budget is limited and I can't update every old copy and order new (current) titles students want to read as well.


  1. I wouldn't order an updated copy of Bullfinch. It's too text heavy for most students. Do you have D'Aulaires' Greek Myths? I'd add that, and keep the old one if you must. My Edith Hamilton is in similar condition, but I can't part with it. There is maybe one student a year who reads it.

    1. Yes, I DO have what I call the yellow myth book. :) We also use it in 8th grade English class too.


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