Emily D Library Window Art

This month's library window art is quite the departure from our usual post-it-note art (usually video game themed).  This month's window art is a painting of a poem!

A very talented senior artist, Rena Gascho, has wanted to paint the library windows this school year.  We talked about this at length and finally the perfect opportunity arose:  our county's Big Read focusing on Emily Dickinson.  Rena took home a book of Emily Dickinson's poetry, reading and poring over poem after poem in search of one she wanted to portray through her artwork.

She chose the first stanza of poem 159 (409):

They dropped like flakes, they dropped like stars,
Like petals from a rose,

When suddenly across the lune
A wind with fingers goes.

The process of watching Rena paint (and paint), layering colors, shading, day after day was just amazing to see.  I love her interpretation of this poem as well as the focus on Emily Dickinson and poetry it has brought to our school for the month of April.  She was quite the attraction in the hallway as students and faculty stopped her regularly to ask what in the world she was creating.  (It's amazing she was able to finish with all the conversations...)  Our local paper, the Frankfort Times even had a feature article about her!

Thank you Rena so much for your beautiful artwork!

Close ups of each window panel:


  1. Wow! Such beautiful artwork! How magical it must be to be a student in your school! Well done, Rena!


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