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I'm (finally) reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. 
It seems only fitting that my beverage is water.

A Long Walk to Water is one of this year's Young Hoosier Book Award nominees at the middle school level.  It has been very popular with my students.  Our 7th grade English teacher also used the book with all of her classes this year.  

I met Linda Sue Park in November at NCTE and enjoyed talking to her immensely. 
 And yet...I'm only now reading this book.
I'm sorry.  I tend to avoid books that I know will be sad. 
 The fact that this is based on a true story makes it even more potentially heart-breaking for me.  
The quote on the front:  "Tragic and harrowing" by Publishers Weekly worries me.

But I will read it today.

My friend, David Etkin, is taking his commitment to this book and the Ugandan Water Project a step further and is running in a 5K on Saturday.  
For more information about this meaningful race & project, please visit the Ugandan Water Project website and consider lending some support.


  1. I'm honored and humbled and impressed that you'd mention me and the 5K run on your BloggityBlog. Thanks a ton. If anyone wanted to contribute directly to me, they COULD do so at this link. Thanks-->

    Now: Have you used the resources I put on my blog page? You MUST watch the videos. They are so amazing and bring the book, the environment, the struggle, and the Lost Boys to life. Let me know.

    1. I will check out the videos. Thanks David!


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