Shelf Challenge - Day 2

I took advantage of a break in my schedule today to hit my non-fiction shelves and see what treasures awaited me there.  I was NOT disappointed!

I began with this shelf:

The books about computer careers from 2003-2005 are (of course) already a bit outdated.  I loved seeing pictures like this of computers at colleges "that you can use...if you don't have one at home."  Oh my how fast our technological world has changed!  I'm keeping these around to share with students just how quickly technology and computers have evolved.

A great book I discovered that I can't wait to share with students is Can I See Your I.D.?  It contains stories of ten imposters, many who are teenagers.  I think students will love reading about these famous cons!

Of course I left all my Guinness World Record books alone.  Those books are like gold and just about as popular as Where's Waldo for browsing while in the library.  I've seen 6th graders and 12th graders alike sitting on the couch or at a table poring over all the crazy pictures in the Guinness Books.  

I did end up weeding quite a few outdated books from the 2 shelves I explored.  Check out some of the winners below:



My student helpers said if a book didn't have anything on the cover, it didn't matter what was on the inside...they would NEVER check it out.  Unfortunately, this is most of our non-fiction.  It is definitely time to weed, weed, weed and make room to show off the quality titles we do have and order more for the empty space.

I leave you with what might be the best (worst?) find of the day even though it did include a chapter on Using a Library!  Your Life Make It Count by Grace D. and Adrian A. Paradis (wonder if those are their real names?)  I'll let you read the blurb about it that is glued inside the book's front pages.  (why in the world did librarians used to do this?!)


  1. Love this! You found some real (cough, cough) gems.

  2. Hey! That Salem Witchcraft book looked good-like those old kid biographies that I used to read in the 5th-6th grade. Um, and still do. :)


  3. It's fantastic that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as well as from our dialogue made at this time.

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