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the night before Tech Camp (aka #TxLA17 Part 1)

'Twas the night before Tech Camp...

I arrived late Tuesday afternoon after 2 flights--a short flight from Indy to Chicago and then the main flight from Chicago to San Antonio.  A short cab ride took me right to my hotel.  After unpacking, I met up with my good friend, Heather Lister, to walk to the dinner for all Tech Camp presenters.   (Okay, I actually made Heather come see me while I unpacked because it had been forever!  And yes, I talked to my girl Nancy Jo while unpacking as well.)

Nancy Jo Lambert organized Tech Camp and was responsible for inviting me to participate!  Thanks so much NJ!  

It was such a treat to meet so many talented tech educators and librarians (many whom I only knew from social media)!   Before dinner we all introduced ourselves and shared a fun fact about our self.  (Impromptu... and nerve wracking!)  Dinner conversations were random, hilarious, and varied with so many of us at this huge table!

I sat beside of Amy Mayer of friED Technology.  I'm a h…

World Semicolon Day ;