It's Monday!

It's the day of the week dedicated to sharing our past week's reads and our upcoming reads for this week!

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Last week I read:

Yep, that's it.

One book.

Hold Fast was a really good book although it took me a bit to get into it.  I'm still not sure how students will perceive it.  I'm hoping to booktalk it this week and send my 2 copies out to be read by middle school students.  The references to Langston Hughes and the snippets of poetry were enjoyable for me but will students even know who he is?  If not, will they take the time to research and find out?  I hope so!

Guess Donalyn's not the only one in a reading slump.  Seems to be the season/time of year...

I was sick from Thursday through the weekend which should have meant lots and lots of reading time, but I just couldn't concentrate.  Instead I binged on Doctor Who episodes and am now on Season 3.  

I did some light reading yesterday:

...ALAN Review (some great articles!), COGAT test directions (I'm testing students this week as part of my high-ability coordinator role), Kirkus Reviews (what's new & what to order), and some of Homeland (yes!  I finally got my hands on a copy!)

Hopefully this week will bring about more books finished!

This week I'm reading:

I fully expect to finish all 3!

I hope your week is filled with sunshine & good books. 

 Spring looks like it may be arriving (finally) here in Indiana. :)


  1. I'm worried the reading slump is going to hit me because of how busy this time of the year gets. I'm starting to feel like I can't even keep my head on straight!!


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