School Library Month Shelf Challenge

Okay, okay...


My friend, Matthew Winner, is leading the School Library Month Shelf Challenge.  
Read all about it here and here on his amazing blog.

April is a crazy, busy, hectic month but I need to make an effort to once again weed the non-fiction section in my library.  It's horrendous, but really not very large.  

Most of the books are completely outdated.  Even though I originally weeded about 4,000 books when I started this position 4 years ago, I have treaded lightly in the non-fiction section.  I know, I know... avoiding empty shelves is not a reason to keep books that are gross and not being read.  The best way I know to weed is to individually look at each book along with the circulation statistics.  Seems like this is a great fit for the Shelf Challenge! 

Guess I'll start in the beginning:
This is my 000 to 299.  I'm going to tackle all 5 shelves (hopefully!)


  1. Kick some shelf-booty, Sherry! We're rooting for you!

    1. Thanks! It always helps to know someone's cheering you onward!

  2. This is a great way to see what you have. Even if you only take the books off and look at the covers, you'll be surprised at what you can easily part with. (And there's always something. I've been weeding for 15 years, and yet there is that 1962 book on Jacques Cousteau! How could I miss that?)


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