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Celebrating #BannedBooks Week

It's Banned Books Week:  September 24-30, 2017!
Libraries everywhere are celebrating the right to read this week (and honestly, every week Librarians are Freedom Fighters!).  

This year's Top 10 most banned and challenged books list has some real favorites on it for me . (Looking for Alaska!  Eleanor & Park!  Drama!)   I also know many of the books on this list were also favorites of my students.   I always talked to students about how books "fit" you at different times or stages in your life... "the right book, for the right time, in the right hands"...  and if they had a book that didn't fit them at that moment didn't mean it wouldn't at another time.  We always talked about having books in our library for everyone.  Everyone.  I hope those ideas are ones they still remember.  

Out of the ten most challenged books of 2016, I'm sad to say I have only read seven of them.  I'll be on the lookout to change that asap with the three I h…

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