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Ending 2017 & moving on to 2018

Oh 2017... what to say about you?

2017 did afford me many amazing opportunities.  I visited Google Chicago, became a Google Apps for Education Trainer, became a Director of Innovative Learning for Five Star Technology Solutions, visited San Antonio twice:  keynoting at TLA Tech Camp & presenting at ISTE, saw & met countless friends at TLA, ALA, ISTE, & ILF, and watched my kids grow older and smarter each day.  But 2017 also felt a bit like...

Let's just leave it at that and hope for much better from 2018.

So how did I do with my 2017 goals?
My One Little Word for the year was strength.  My focus on strength wasn't about lifting weights, but about personally growing stronger and more self-assured.  It is still a work-in-progress, but I experienced several challenges that are continuing to make me a stronger person.  
Read:  117 books -- ✅ Titles and ratings may be found in my 2017 year end review.  
What books really stayed with me and were my favorites this year?   Turtles…

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