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2017 in Spotify music

I love end of the year lists, music, and Spotify, so this post is the trifecta love letter to all three.

 I recently visited where I signed in with my Spotify account and was given the awesome information below:  my 2017 listening habits all wrapped up & summarized.  If you're a regular Spotify user, I definitely recommend checking it out.  The site itself produces a more interactive graphic that only takes a few minutes to generate.

So here it is...the top artists and songs I've listened to this year on Spotify:

I would be super interested to hear a little bit more about how the top artists vs songs are generated as I find it a bit difficult to understand that an artist could make my top list but yet none of their songs made the top songs list... 
My top songs listed include 2 bands (The Mountain Goats & Minor Miracles) but my top artists also include ColdPlay, Bowling for Soup, Mark Mancina, and more.   
Yes, I'm quite aware that my taste in musi…

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