Poem in My Pocket Day

 For Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 18), my library assistants posted pockets outside of each teacher's classroom.  I sent an email encouraging them to participate by placing a poem in the pocket as well as carrying a poem with them and sharing with students.  

I was thrilled to see pockets stuffed with poems as I walked by classroom!

      Even better...after walking my 1st grader to class, I stopped by my 3rd grade #EarthPals classroom to see my friend Gretchen.  She wasn't in her room, but her students began grabbing their poems and lined up to read to me -- before the bell rang and before school had even started!  I LOVED their enthusiasm and couldn't resist snapping a few pictures.

I enjoyed sharing my poems with other students throughout the day and having them share their poems with me.

The next day, we were out of school because of flooding.  My son and I had an extra special treat when we skyped with a 5th grade class in Matthew Winner's library.  My son shared the origami folding he had been working on as well as a poem.  I helped him write the poem after Mr. Winner invited us that day to skype with him.  We both loved seeing the smiling faces of the students and hearing them read their poem about whirly beetles.

Coen's poem:
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Folding and drawing are my favorite things to do!


  1. Loved the collaboration with your teachers. Coen's adoreable!


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