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#IMMOOC Round 2

Round 2 of IMMOOC begins tomorrow!  I really wanted to participate in Round 1 but I have this tendency to over commit and with my new job and all... it just didn't seem like the right time. So I didn't participate and I missed out on a TON of learning and connecting.

This round, I'm ready to commit and dig into one of my favorite educational books (again!) from one of my favorite educational friends, George Couros.  His tweets and blog are ever inspiring, but if you haven't had the opportunity to hear him speak in person you are definitely missing out!  I had the privilege of meeting him a few years back in 2014 at one of our summer of eLearning conferences in Indiana (detailed here) and have since heard him speak several times.  We've had some interesting conversations and he's actually the one ultimately responsible for me changing my Twitter name from @LibraryFanatic to @SherryGick (and this blog name as well).  I remember him saying he knew I loved libraries…

Tech Camp!

Spring is definitely in the air even though it's only mid February!  Thinking of spring has me thinking about my upcoming trip to San Antonio, Texas for Tech Camp on April 19.  That's right.  
 But wait.  It gets better.  Check this out:

Crazy, right?  See my picture right beside HADI PARTOVI's?!  (& my gorgeous, amazing, rock star TL friend NIKKI ROBERTSON!)  I've never had the pleasure of meeting Hadi Partovi OR hearing him speak face to face so I am super excited for this opportunity.  (You might call me a bit of a fangirl of Hadi & hour of code &!)   
I still can't believe they asked me to speak based on those other big names, but it's been advertised so they're stuck with me!  The good news is my keynote is during lunch!  I'm giving an "Inspirational Lunch Keynote".  That's a great time to talk to people, right?  When they're happy and eating?  (Let's hope I'm …