It's Monday!

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This week I read:

I almost read everything on my list from last week!  I'm finishing up Delirium stories.  I loved all 3 books I finished this week.  

  • Homeland = YA and an awesome sequel to Little Brother
  • Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles = Children's - read to my 7 year old 1st grade son & we both loved it and can't wait for the 2nd book!
  • Relish: My Life in the Kitchen = MG/YA Graphic Novel - beautiful illustrations, great stories about growing up and the connections with food
This Week I'm Reading:

I'm really not sure what else I'll read.  I have several possibilities: Requiem and Clockwork Princess are fairly high on the list so I may have to grab those and finish up both of those series!  

We'll see what the week brings...I hope yours brings quiet moments for reading and relaxing amidst the hustle and bustle of the week.


  1. Relish and Seagulls Don't eat Pickles look great!I also am interested in Homeland. Do you think 4th graders would like it?

    1. No, I definitely don't think Homeland (or Little Brother) are appropriate books for 4th grade. They are YA for sure. Relish may be -- you'd want to read first. There's one story that may be objectionable depending on maturity level of your students.

  2. Must read some Cory Doctorow soon!

  3. I really enjoyed Relish, it introduced me to some yummy recipes and I actually sought out some tomatillos because they sounded so yummy!

    The Monster Report

  4. I still haven't read Little Brother though I have wanted to since it came out...
    Thanks for sharing and happy reading this week :)

    1. It is definitely worth a read! Homeland is a great sequel too!

  5. I've got to add Relish to my list. I never thought I would like graphic novels, but after Babymouse.... she stole my heart!

    I Run Read Teach


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