Treat Tuesday!

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What is Treat Tuesday?  It's pairing books & snacks (as most of us already do). 
 TAKE PICTURES of your winning combo and post to your blog.  
Sound easy?  It should!  Have fun with it!

First of all, the treat!  

It's a bit of a bad idea to actually sit down with a whole bag of this amazing popcorn.  That's why I tried portioning it into a small bowl.  The problem with that was I had to keep putting my book down and going back to the kitchen to refill my bowl.  This popcorn is simply amazing!  Definitely my most favorite snack probably ever!  (& that's coming from a non-popcorn fan...I don't even eat popcorn at the movie theater...)  I'm a huge dark chocolate fan and the balance of the dark chocolate with the sea salt and popcorn was perfect.  Unfortunately, the bag is long gone now and this was a limited holiday snack.  :(  Yes, sadness.  Angie's Holidrizzle Dark Chocolatier Sea Salt popcorn isn't even available on their website any longer.  That's probably a good thing because I'm pretty sure I could eat a bag of this every week. :)

Next, the book!

Burning Blue by Paul Griffin is an intriguing mix of genres.  Is it a mystery?  A thriller?  A realistic fiction?  A YA book?  A romance?  It's all of the above and a bag of chips.  Even the readers on Good Reads can't decide:

The book centers around a horrible incident that happened to Nicole Castro, the most beautiful girl at her high school.  She was doused in the face with acid at school by an unknown assailant.  Her life has dramatically changed as she has to deal with the loss of her identity, surgeries, and not knowing who committed this horrific crime against her.  Enter Jay Nazarro, high school student and somewhat of an outcast because of an unfortunate incident that happened publicly to him in the gym in front of the entire student body.  He decides to find out what kind of monster did this to Nicole, even though they're not exactly friends...yet.  He uses his mad hacking skills to begin cracking the mystery of what really happened to Nicole.

Warning:  this book is highly addictive -- a true page turner.  I found it difficult to put down (except for getting more Holidrizzle popcorn) and read it practically non-stop.  Definitely a 5 star read!


  1. I think I need to find a bag of this popcorn. I already added this book to my never-ending TBR shelves. Thanks!


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