It's Monday!

Last week I read:

2 of the books were for our Battle of the Books competition and I needed to write questions for them.  Zebrafish and Warm Bodies were just for fun.  I really enjoyed the interesting twist on zombies in Warm Bodies.  (The movie comes out February 14!)  Somehow I had completely missed the fact that Zebrafish was a graphic novel by Peter Reynolds.  I was checking it into my library, saw his name, and immediately had to read it.  Great middle school GN!  I'm a huge fan of his elementary books since Dot Day!

This week I'm reading:

I'm sure you can spot the fluff I'm balancing the NF books with...really, I AM going to finish these books.  Seriously. 


  1. I am expecting my copy of Book Love tomorrow and I can't wait! Is Zebrafish a graphic novel?

  2. Yes! It's a GN by Peter Reynolds, author of dot, ish, & other marvelous books.

  3. Geeks, Girls and Secret Identities sounds good just from the title, as does Girls Who Rocked the World.


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