January Book Reviews

A few of my favorite reads from this month:

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I enjoyed this book so much, I had to finish the last 20 pages in the morning before getting ready for my first marathon!

This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill zombie book. I read it after one of my senior girls recommended it. We watched the movie trailer and she promised, "It's not as cheesy as it looks!" 

 She was right. I loved this book. It was funny with so many unexpected happenings and unusual characters. The whole "zombie becoming human" premise is a great one. R's voice and sense of humor kept me reading. I may have liked it enough to even see the cheesy movie in February.


My rating:

Burning BlueBurning Blue by Paul Griffin

I had a difficult time putting this one down because I couldn't figure out where the author was going with the story and who would end up being the bad guy. I love it when the author stays ahead of me with twists and turns instead of letting me solve it quickly. The genre smash up of young adult, suspense, mystery, and romance really works well and makes it a book easy to recommend to both guy and girl students (even though the cover is a bit girly...).

I can't believe I had this one in my library over a year before I picked it up to read! I loved all 3 of the characters even though they were a bit stereo-typical (the tomboy, the jock, the nerd) at first glance. Their mutual love of science brings them together to form the Secret Science Alliance where they design and build cool inventions. Throw in an evil adult nemesis who steals their notebook of invention plans and you've got a great adventure graphic novel! The detail in the illustrations including the labeling of many parts of the clubhouse were super awesome. I went back through many of the pages after reading the story to take in the extra details I skipped while reading the story the first time. I really hoped this would be a series (the title certainly seems to suggest that) but I've been told that the author has no plans for a sequel.


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