Treat Tuesday

designed by the amazingly talented Shannon Houghton!

It's a brand new year and we've got a brand new weekly meme!  

My friend Niki just started her own blog (Check it's going to be amazing!).  During one of our Twitter chats with several other awesome friends, she came up with the idea of Treat Tuesday: pairing books & snacks (as most of us already do).  Here's your chance to TAKE PICTURES of a winning combo and post to your blog.  Sound easy?  It should!  Have fun with it!

So, here's my first #TreatTuesday picture:

Have you read Book Love by Penny Kittle yet?  It is definitely a must read for middle and high school teachers.  During break, an online bookclub has been taking place on FaceBook, with Penny posting each day chapter by chapter and readers responding.  The power of social media and connecting with other educators continues to astound me.  I haven't participated in the discussion, but have enjoyed reading it all.  (Guess that makes me a lurker!)  I'm behind in reading this book but know that I will be ordering another copy or two and sharing with the teachers at my middle/high school.

What's that?  
You want to know what my treat is sitting on top of the book?
It's a bowl of cranberry pecan granola.  
It's oh-so-delicious! 
 Crunchy, sweet, and even healthy! :)


  1. Love it! You are so good....and healthy! :) Me? Not so much! ;)

  2. That granola looks delightful. Yum! I get in trouble when I read and eat : )


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