It's Monday!

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Last week I read:

(Christmas break, I'm really going to miss you and all the great reading times we shared!)

This week I'm reading:

I know, I're already tired of seeing the same non-fiction books on my to-read shelf.  I promise I'll do better this week and actually get through them!  Dirty Little Secrets is on our Battle of the Books list and our high school state award nominee list.  I'm in charge of writing questions for this book for the competitions, so I have to finish this one up ASAP.  

My reading time will be greatly diminished this week since we return to school today.  I'm anxious to see all my students, hear about their breaks, share my reading goals for the year, and help them set their own reading goals for this semester.

Happy reading!


  1. My daughter, who likes very little, enjoyed Eve and Adam. Curious to see the sequel.

  2. Wasn't it great to have so much time to read? I'll be curious to see what you think of Girls Who Rocked.

    I enjoyed Eve and Adam - but was slightly disappointed. I wanted more character development - and more understanding of the motivation of the villain.


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