Freedom to READ aka #SummerThrowDown tally

I love that this year during Summer Throwdown, every book read equals a book read.  We're not worrying about page numbers since we've all set personal goals to obtain.  I've used this opportunity to up my July goal (40 books) since I will now be able to count picture books I read.

This year, instead of just keeping my books read tally on the throwdown spreadsheet and in GoodReads, I've decided to take daily pictures as well.  (I've never tallied my picture books in my GoodReads list or counted them in my yearly reading goal, so this visual will be a great record for me.)

I plan on updating this post and adding my pictures daily (hopefully!) throughout the month of July.

Day 7 = zero books (what?!)

Day 16 = 0 books :(

Days 22-26 = 0 books :(


  1. Cool Sherry, I like to pics. I have been neglecting to upload my books to the spreadsheet. I keep a running log on my desk at work and I am still trying to find time on my lunch break to read The Dream Thieves. Maybe I can lock myself away from a weekend of reading. Ha-fat chance of that.


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