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Be sure and visit Jenn's blog & Unleashing Readers for more #IMWAYR participants!

                                                                                                                                                                 This past week was the beginning of #SummerThrowDown!  Needless to say, my reading has picked up a bit as I work toward my goal of reading 40 books in the month of July.  I'm not limiting myself this year to reading only books for my library but am including the books I read with my 7 year old as well.  Every book read counts as a book read!
I'm continuing to only log books to share with my students into my GoodReads account.

Last week I read:

I also read 27 picture books...(will definitely hit my 40 book goal this week!). To see the picture books we've read, check out my Freedom to Read post I'm updating daily.

This week I'm reading:

...and that's as far as I've gotten...

I have many books to read for the Eliot Rosewater committee & many awesome ARCs from ALA as well.  
                                                                                                          nErDcampBC is this week so the chances of my TBR stack growing larger is 100%!
Have a great week of reading! 


  1. I don't think I'll get 54 books done, but as long as I can get a book a day done, that's okay! Hope you get a lot of good ideas for things to read!

  2. I just loved Everybody sees the Ants. A.S. King is a favourite. Am seeing Counting by 7s everywhere - must be a sign I should be reading it! Enjoy all of your picture book reading! My ten year olds will still listen to picture books which I love to share with them!

  3. How did you like Everybody Sees the Ants? I love A.S. King, and I can't wait to read Reality Boy.
    Also, Counting By good!!
    Let me just cry for a minute that I can't go to nErDcampBC *sobs*

  4. I loved WAITING and EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS. I see from your stars that you enjoyed them too. :) :)

    Happy reading this week!
    Ricki (


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