Let's Get Busy

Matthew Winner has been kicking around the idea of beginning a podcast for several months now. We talked about his ideas when we briefly saw each other at ALA in Chicago.  I loved what he was thinking about and told him I couldn't wait for him to begin recording so I could start listening!

Imagine my surprise when I received an email on my trip home from ALA, inviting me to be the very first guest on "Let's Get Busy".  I, of course, said yes!  (Matthew is my super-amazing collaboration partner...how could I say no?!)

We talked about ISTE, ALA...even though I was nervous, it was enjoyable talking with my friend.

So, check out my pal Matthew's first foray into the world of podcasting.

When you have a great idea, why not jump in and get busy?!


  1. LOVE! Thanks for the extra support, Sherry. The end tag line on your post is also very, VERY awesome!


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