It's almost here!  Chompsticks is the silly week we had so much fun with on Twitter last year towards the end of the summer.  It's all about great food, great reads, and chopsticks, of course!

Some picture collages from last year:

This year's basic guidelines:

1) Grab a pair of chopsticks, any type of treat, your current read, and anything else you want to add your own flair to the fun and take a picture! 
2) Tweet the photo with the tag #Chompsticks and be sure to mention @davidaetkin
3) If you are on Instagram or tumblr or another SM service, feel free to share your photo there, too! Be sure to include the #Chompsticks hashtag.  Maybe we’ll get more folks to join in the silly! :)
4) If you are not on Twitter and want to get involved (or know someone else who does), you can send your pic to the extra special email address:
5) If you are feeling super ambitious, gather up all your photos at the end of the week and blog ‘em! Hey, there are more serious things you COULD post on your blog - but sometimes silly needs to win out. Help yourself to the #chompsticks badge above. (Send us a link when you post--we'd love to see!


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