#THIRSTday ... getting ready for ISTE13

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Today, I am all over the place.  I want to read my new ALAN Review that arrived in the mail yesterday and The Center of Everything by Linda Urban... sip my vanilla iced coffee (thank you Keurig) ...
and I am...in tiny snippets...

but I am so excited for ISTE I just can't seem to sit still and FOCUS!  
I keep checking my phone, 
looking at the ISTE app, 
adding "must take" items to my packing list, 
& reading tips and posts from some of my awesome Twitter PLN folks like:

So much to think about!

Tiffany Whitehead, SIGMS President-Elect (aka The Mighty Little Librarian) 's  super great tips from above also appear in this month's ISTE-SIGMS Newsletter (and I'm mentioned!  Woot!)

I think it's pretty fair to say I am BEYOND EXCITED to attend my very first ISTE convention and plan to make the most of every minute of it!

Something tells me it won't be my last! (Look out Atlanta, GA!)

Looking forward to meeting many of you all face-to-face in a few days in San Antonio!


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