The TARDIS landed in my library!

That's right! The TARDIS recently landed in my library. 

 Strangely enough, I have yet to spot the Doctor...

It arrived in this nifty cardboard tube from the Ukraine, all covered in postage.

I took it out of the tube to admire it.

My library assistants and I worked on adhering it to the door.  
It went great until we got to the lock and doorknob.  
Advice/help from the art teacher & principal allowed us to move past the obstacles.  
(** Side note: you should REMOVE the door lock & knob before starting.  
Cutting around them is a real pain!)

It ended up taking a few hours to get it just right, but I think it's terrific!

My son thought it was pretty cool too.  (Future Doctor Who?)

and really, could there be a better place for last day of school photos?  I think not!

Yes, the TARDIS is here to stay in my library.

I ordered mine through Amazon, but they are also available on Etsy and ArtFire

Now I keep browsing the website wondering what to order next.
So many choices, so few library doors...


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