My senior girls told me not to plan anything for our library windows for the end of school.   (Not a problem... since there's hardly time to breathe at the end of the school year with ISTEP testing, Acuity testing, Bookfair, etc...)

Although I didn't plan anything, I did help scrape the painting off the windows (which was surprisingly easy to do) and helped clean them so they would have a fresh palette for their planned project.

I also managed to somehow not get pictures of them working on the windows...probably because they kept telling me not to look!

The first day, my only clue was this:

By the second day, a baby owl had appeared with another friend in process:

The finished product:

It's no secret I love owls!  The connection of owls, wisdom, reading, and libraries is a great fit.  I love that my senior helpers designed and created this window display for me (and the whole school) to enjoy.  Thanks girls!  


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