When Tiffany wrote tips from expert ISTE attendees and asked about the 3 things I was most looking forward to at ISTE 13, I had a list of 4!  I'd like to share a bit about each of them now that I've officially experienced my first, but definitely not my last ISTE!

As a “first timer”, the 3 things I’m most looking forward to are:

1. Meeting y’all, my Twitter rockstar PLN members face-to-face! Twitter has expanded my world, my connections, and the way I run my library. Each of you has been influential in my professional life the past two years because of your contributions to the education field and your willingness to share on Twitter and on other social media platforms.

I met so many of my PLN friends for the very first time, including my award winning collaboration partner Matthew Winner and the amazing Librarian Tiff.  This meeting was even VIDEOED! (Thanks Alaina!)

Gretchen, (my friend and colleague who traveled with me to accept our award) and I met: 

Aimee Winner, Matthew's amazing wife:

Alaina Laperouse, Tiff's BFF, and 6th grade teacher extraordinaire

Gwyneth Jones, The Daring Librarian

Joyce Valenza

No pictures to prove it, but we also had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Miller, Elizabeth Kahn (Secondary SIGMS Technology Innovation Award Winner), and many, many other amazing teachers, technology specialists, and librarians!

2. The keynote speaker, Jane McGonigal! I’m so excited to hear her speak about gamification and her work. I’m such a Fangirl!

Listening to Jane McGonigal in a sea of people Sunday evening was absolutely incredible!

3. All the awesome sessions! I mean really…it’s ISTE! My conference planner is slam packed full of so many cool sessions (several being taught by you guys!) I’m looking forward to learning awesome new ideas to enhance my teaching next school year.

Where else could I attend not one but two sessions led by super rock-star librarians like Gwyneth, Michelle, Shannon and Joyce?!  Every program put together by SIGMS was top-notch!  I also enjoyed wandering through the poster sessions, talking to others about their projects, workshops on gamification, learning about new websites and was definitely A LOT to take in and absorb, but in such a wonderful way.  I'm still processing and working through what I learned and how to apply it in my teaching this next year!

4. Visiting Texas! (Yeah, I know this was only supposed to be a list of 3 things, but I’ve never been to the great state of Texas. Can’t wait!)

Gretchen and I visited the Alamo, walked the river walk, rode in a boat on a river tour, rode the trolley, visited the Market, and ate many wonderful Tex-Mex and Mexican meals. San Antonio, Texas is definitely a beautiful place to visit! 

It's a safe bet to say ISTE was the best conference I've ever experienced.  I look forward to next year's in Atlanta, GA!

So, that's a quick summary of our ISTE trip -- check out my post on Our Amazingly Awesome Award Winning Afternoon when we arrived and were honored with our SIGMS Technology Innovation Award.  


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