2012 Edublog Nominations

There are many categories, but I'm sticking to just a few...these are the blogs & tweets I depend on daily for inspiration, ideas, and rejuvenation.  

Best Group Blog - Nerdy Book Club
Hands down, this is my most favorite blog to visit each day.  I never know which of my PLN friends may be posting, but I always know it will be great reading advice and stories.  I was even a guest poster this year!  Nerdy Book Club is my tribe and I feel at home there.  Kudos to Donalyn Miller, Colby Sharp, and Cindy Minnich for creating such an awesome, varied blog.

Best New Blog - Level Up Book Club

Matt Winner & Jennifer LaGarde have really created something special here.  I missed the first go-round when this book club on gamification and education began this summer, but I have enjoyed every single minute of being involved in Round 2.  Matt & Jennifer are truly #wondertwins with amazing ideas and insight!  Keep a watch on this one because it is on the way to to the top!

Best Library/Librarian Blog - Watch. Connect. Read.

This is a tough one because as a school librarian, I read a lot of librarian's blogs!  My most favorite is John Schu's because his love of reading and teaching is always evident.  His excitement in sharing books, introducing authors, creating displays, and everything else library related is amazing!  His students are the luckiest ever.

Best Twitter Hashtag - #TitleTalk
Another bit of brilliance from Donalyn Miller! (Yes, I'm a huge fan...)  It is a blast to get together once a month on Sunday evenings, open up TweetChat, and watch the tweets roll by -- most of the time much faster than I can keep up with to respond!  Even so, the frenzy of discussing book titles, teaching methods, and other title related topics is invigorating.  Join us!

Best individual tweeter - Paul W. Hankins

When I first joined Twitter, I some how found Mr. Hankins and through him a whole new world unfolded for me.  Paul gives the absolute best book advice on what to read, what books to share with students, what books to ladder together, and does it all with such humility, grace, with a dash of humor.  I was thrilled to finally meet him in person in Las Vegas for NCTE/ALAN and kidded him that it was a long ways to go to meet a fellow Hoosier.  :)  I know if Paul follows someone on Twitter, they're worth following too.  His tweets never fail to bring a smile to my face.  


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