Whatever Wednesday

a great meme to post a little "whatever" may be on my mind
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This weekend, my kids and I participated in Games 4 Good and helped raise money for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief.  Money collected was donated to the Red Cross.

Our favorite game of the weekend?  Angry Birds Star Wars!  We purchased the app for most of our individual devices:  Nook, Nabi, and iPhone.   

The other game that had me hooked?
"Part flash-mob. Part Hunger-Games. Part Twitter-pocalypse. Part digital feeding frenzy. Part micro-MOOC. Part giant game of Twitter tag."

It was only for the weekend but oh what an experience!  Read more about it here.

We had a great time gaming and knowing that our efforts were being rewarded with donations to the Red Cross.  (Who am I kidding?  We game for free all the time... but it was definitely an added bonus to know that donations were being made on our behalf to help others!)

So let me put in (another) plug in for Level Up Book Club!  
First, because it rocks!  Second, because Matt & Jennifer came up with this awesome Games 4 Good fundraiser. Third, you should consider joining up the next go-round.  It's a great way to learn & have fun!


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