It was such a busy week being in Las Vegas for ALAN, arriving home Wednesday afternoon and then sleeping the rest of the day, Thanksgiving festivities on Thursday, laundry & housecleaning on Friday, 15 mile run on Saturday...

Yep, lots of excuses why I only finished 1 book this week.


Good thing it was a great one!

My interest in the Lost Colony had me dying to read this one as soon as I heard Gwenda Bond talking about it on Twitter.  It did NOT disappoint.  I also heard there's going to be a movie!

What am I reading (finishing actually...) this week?

Beyond that, I'm really not sure.  My TBR pile is quite large with all the awesome books from NCTE and ALAN!  

Happy Monday...and Happy Reading!


  1. WHAT????? We just finished studying The Lost Colony in my 5th grade class!!! I have GOT to read this book. Thanks for the recommendation-I had never heard of it. :)


  2. I hadn't heard of Blackwood before but it certainly sounds worth checking out!

    I'm excellent at making up excuses for why I only got 1 book read (well half a book in my case). Your reasons sound MUCH more valid.

  3. Shannon, it's an interesting twist on the Lost Colony, which has always fascinated me!

    Jo, they're definitely just excuses...I found time to read blogs, Twitter, etc. :)

  4. Hmmm... I'm not a huge American history buff... but that sounds intriguing! (and it may be time to bump up your GR goal, my friend!)

  5. I learned about the Mark of Athena through one of the members of my bookclub for young readers, a ten year old girl who absolutely loved it. Blackwood also looks interesting, thanks for sharing. :)


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