"We all know that games are fun, engaging and can greatly impact student learning when put to use in the classroom.  However, given the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy and its impact on folks up and down the east coast of the US, we've decided it's time that we take a closer look at how games can, as Jane McGonigal says, make the world a better place. 

So... buckle your seat belts, #levelupbc, we're about to change the world!"

This weekend, we'll be doing some GAMING at my house (as usual).  What's different is that we'll be keeping track of the hours played on Saturday and Sunday AND we're asking for others to sponsor us by the hour or to give a flat donation.  Why?  To help victims of Hurricane Sandy!  (and because Level Up Book Club devised this wonderful way for us all to "game for good"!

Our family goal is 6 hours of gaming.  

Want to sponsor us at $2 per hour?  Then donate $12 directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief.  

Want to give a flat donation of $10?  Do it!  Give directly at the link above or send a text to the Red Cross

You don't have to send any money to us at all.  We trust you!  

Just let me know you're "sponsoring" my family as we game for good by responding to this blog entry, posting on my facebook page, or tweeting me.  

I'll be keeping track of our total sponsorship and $$$ raised.  

(and yes, it IS a competition to raise the most money for Sandy disaster relief between members of #LevelUpBC!)

Game on!  


  1. @ssedro here. Working this weekend instead of gaming so I'll sponsor you instead. Doing a direct donation of $10. Not sure if there is anyway to give you direct credit via Red Cross but please add it to your sponsor sheet.


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