Whatever Wednesday

brought to you by Eat the Book

It's getting pretty dotty around our library and school!  

We've had a great time celebrating Dot Day and have taken the -ish seriously by stretching out our activities over several weeks.  

6th graders created their own DOTS which then created the food/maze for our Mrs. Pacman post-it-note art.

7th graders created DOT trading cards to share!  
One side has their dot/signature; the opposite has a suggestion for someone to try. 

6th graders also made shelf talkers about their favorite book to make their mark in the library.

 I'm super excited about skype sessions the rest of this week!  
We'll be connecting with classes in New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Maryland.  

3 elementary teachers have joined me in celebrating Dot Day with their classes and a 6th grade teacher.  Next year, I'm hoping for building wide participation, grades K-12!


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