Monday Madness

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Last week I finished reading 2 books. 

10 Miles Past Normal was a state committee read. Hattie was long overdue and read for #SchuSharp's Twitter book club. also threw The Dot in since I keep reading and re-reading it, preparing for classes and activities!

This week I have several books going:

I plan on finishing at least 3 of them. The only questionable one will be Fake Mustache since I'm reading it to my 2 children. Always is on my phone (Kindle app), Wrinkles is a possible middle school read aloud, WondLa has been languishing on my shelves, not quite finished!
 Time to finish them up and move on down the TBR pile!


  1. Oh wow, you seem to have a great system working out for you. I love how all the updates are done online. I have been remiss in updating both my Goodreads and Pinterest. Maybe in the next Bloggiesta, I can find the time to do this. I'm intrigued by Tom Angleberger. Haven't read any of his works but the Origami Yoda has been receiving some love. Hopefully I find it in our libraries. :)


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