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Since meeting Tom Angleberger at his book release party last month, my son has become a bit obsessed  intrigued with origami Yoda.  He's made countless numbers of them with every blank sheet of paper that reaches his hands.  (Tom has probably decided we're somewhat of a stalker family since almost daily my son begs me to tweet Tom a picture of something he's made... Thanks for putting up with us and not blocking us!)

Last week, I began reading this (signed copy!) book in the evenings to both of my kids (6 year old son and 11 year old daughter):

It's tough to find books that both are interested in hearing, but this has definitely fit the bill.  Hearing them both belly laugh about the exploits of Casper, Fako Mustacho, and Jodie O'Rodeo and then reenact the scenes while playing together after school shows me that they are LOVING this book!  (If you enjoy reading aloud, this is a great one for voices...)

Fake Mustache has completely fueled my son's love for Tom Angleberger.  Now instead of just origami Yoda, he now is enamored with mustaches.  He's even created his own smash up of Origami Yoda with a fake mustache and a short-man-about-town suit.  

Even his big sis couldn't resist the lure of a fake mustache when I passed them to her and a friend after finding this package at Target:


My son has decided he needs his own short-man-about-town suit to go along with his new fake mustache to make the ultimate Halloween costume.  His librarian mother agrees. I'm a sucker for a good book costume.

Tonight, we finished reading Fake Mustache! I loved that all 3 of us enjoyed the book immensely, laughing together each evening. I love that Tom writes such great books! (I need a new one, but it will be a while...)

If you haven't yet discovered the wonder of Tom Angleberger and his amazing books, please wait no longer!  Grab a book and get reading!


  1. My seven-year-old loves Fake Moustache and got to have his copy autographed at the book signing at the National Book Festival today. Tom was a hoot and very gracious to his audience. At one point, he left his signing booth and ran around the entire length of the crowd waiting to see him and waved at everyone. Later, I saw a kid hand him a hand-made origami Yoda. When Angleberger realized it was a gift for him, he had the kid autograph it for him. Awesome.

  2. That is awesome! What a great guy!


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