High School Books I Loved this Summer

I already told you about my top graphic novels from this summer, but I just reviewed my summer reads to talk to my high school students about some of the books I loved or ones that really stuck with me.

Here they are in random order:

 I don't think I can say enough good about this book.  It challenged me to think in new ways and was so beautifully written.  Definitely in my top five reads for 2012!

(Thanks to Random House for an ARC copy of this book which is finally available!)

(Do you recognize any of these authors? It's a star-studded trailer!)

 I know this wasn't my absolute favorite, but I have continued to think about the book even though I finished it a month ago.  I will recommend it to readers in the library because I know some will love it.  I have yet to read on in the series, but I may!  I really like the trailer below...perfect voice/accent for Todd (probably because it was filmed in NC = home!)

I enjoyed this twist on a fairy tale, modern life, and Inkheart.  The book is gorgeous as well!

To say I adored this book would be an understatement.  Maggie Stiefvater is one of my most favorite writers and this book did not disappoint.  The trailer is a bit odd and I'm not sure it really captures the feel of the book.  I love that she creates her own trailers, but prefer her hand cut paper art trailers she created for the Wolves of Mercy Falls books

Love story? Check. Action? Check. Dystopian? Check.
Really, what's not to love?


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