BookFlix Friday

Jenn Longee, a middle school librarian in Durham, NC shared her idea for using alternate Prezi booktalks for each grade level on Twitter.  She inspired me to begin a similar project with our state nominated books for middle school and high school students.  Ordinarily I try and book talk one or two each week.  I like the idea of doing several at a time, yet being able to alternate which class sees which video and hopefully have the books available to check out!

So far, I've only created one for each level but will continue until I have 4 Young Hoosier prezis (5 books on each) and 6 Eliot Rosewater prezis (4 books on each).  I'm using trailers found on YouTube.  Some are better than others, but all help when I book talk the list!

Friday seemed like a great day to share since David Etkin has started (another) new meme:


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