It's Monday...what are you reading?

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This week, my top two reads were:

Between the LinesBetween the Lines by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like the attention to detail with the full page gorgeous illustrations, the varying fonts/colors depending on the narrator/point of view, and the adorable pen/ink illustrations. This had the best feel of a fairy tale. While reading, you felt like the ending would be a happy one... I'll admit I did have my fingers crossed that Jodi Picoult wouldn't pull her usual I'm killing off the character you've invested all of your emotions in for this entire novel... I hoped since it was her daughter's story that the right ending would prevail. No spoilers... You'll have to make the call whether you agree with how it all ends.


Nothing SpecialNothing Special by Geoff Herbach
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wasn't really sure if I even liked Stupid Fast, but I decided to read this sequel anyway. I am so glad that I did! Being inside Felton's headache made for a great story. I definitely enjoyed this book and feel like many readers will identify with the characters and the overall theme of finding yourself.

Another favorite for the week is 
Did you read these when you were younger?  I remember enjoying the chapter books, but this one is for "Young Readers".  I've read it to my 6 year old son many, many, MANY times this week after discovering it at the library.  He currently is somewhat obsessed with robots (Boy + Bot!) and loves making different decisions to change the way the story proceeds and ends. 

I'm continuing to read most evenings to my son and daughter together.  I hope to finish this one before we start back to school.  

This week:

I have several ARCs on my Nook thanks to NetGalley and a few other publishers that I really must get to reading before I lose access.

 First on the list to finish:

I'm really enjoying this book thanks to Candlewick Press but it keeps locking up on my Nook & on my phone...frustrating. :(

I'm hearing great things about this one on Twitter...and I need to read more middle grades books this summer for recommending to my students.

Of course, we're visiting the library today...and I still have a pile of Eliot Rosewater "wannabes" to review for consideration for the 2013-2014 what I read this week may change!

Have a great week!


  1. Hey, friend! I have the same problem with NetGalley on my apps. I decided to throw in the towel and just read on my laptop. I have Beta and Darkest Minds (focusing on SciFiSummer) - plus these two books were listed as being able to be approved for teachers. I haven't tried to get approved for other books. I keep hearing NetGalley may cut down on approvals.

  2. Glad to hear it's not just me...I was beginning to doubt my Nook!

  3. I still have Nothing Special in my summer reads basket...just haven't gotten to it yet.
    Checking the mail today for your package so I can add those to my list to read!!

  4. OMG, I didn't know that the sequel to Stupid Fast was out yet. I'm all over it. I loved the first book.

  5. I am so glad the sequel of Stupid Fast is good- I am always worried when an amazing book has a sequel.

    My mother in law just bought the Jodi Pocoult book and is going to lend it to me when she is done- looking forward to it.

    You so made me want to read a Choose Your Own Adventure book again- I loved them!

    Happy reading this week! :)

  6. Kellee, Anne, and Jenn, I really think you'll all LOVE Nothing Special. I was up in the air about Stupid Fast, but this one won me over.


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