Summer Throwdown ROUND TWO!

That's right, librarians and teachers...there are still more summer days so the reading fun does NOT have to come to an end quite yet!  Once again, teachers and librarians will compete for the next month to see which team can read the most in another epic summer throwdown battle!

What's that you say?  

What is #summerthrowdown?  

Where have you been?!  :) 

Read all about it here on Jillian's blog.

So, without further adieu, here are the nitty gritty details for 

#SummerThrowdown Round Two


Be sure and grab your button to show your team affiliation (Thanks Brian!)

Teachers and Librarians add your information HERE 
to track your daily reading points for the competition

Any format of books read counts! (Novels, Picture books, graphic novels, etc.)

Begins Sunday, July 22 and ends on August 18

 (Well, maybe not while driving or operating a motor vehicle...)

Honestly, if I have to tell you why...#summerthrowdown is NOT for you!

Any method of reading counts!
(by yourself. reading aloud, listening to an audiobook, etc.)

**New page rules for Round 2**  

0-49 pages: 0.25 book
50-149 pages: 0.5 book
150-349 pages: 1 book
350-549 pages: 1.5 books
550-749 pages: 2 books
750-949 pages: 2.5 books
950-1149 pages: 3 books

Rule Refreshers: (previously published by Jillian for Round 1)

The main rule-KIPP: Keep It Positive, Please! This is all in the mode of encouraging reading and we want to be positive role models for our students. All-in-fun trash-talking is fine, but please keep it in the spirit of the purpose of this reading event! Thanks so much! :)

The winner(s): EVERYONE because we're all going to be reading more (we hope) and growing our community/network of teachers and librarians on twitter and beyond. But the group (Librarians or Teachers) that reads more, determined by a collective total figured into books/person, does get the bragging rights.

So, what are you waiting for?  
Sign up and get READING!

Want a Twibbon too? Grab one here (#LeagueofLibrarians) or here (#TeamTeacher)

Remember, we're also looking for 4 participants to tell us about their favorite books read during Round 1. More info and sign up here

Did you enter our Thank You Raffle for participating in Round 1?


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