Babymouse for President

Babymouse for President (Babymouse #16)Babymouse for President by Jennifer L. Holm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another winner for the Babymouse series! The timing is, of course, impeccable, with this being an election year. Babymouse is her usual, typical self: humorous, imaginative, and a bit out in left field. The supporting characters are strong in this book with the tight race for student council president. I always appreciate the thinly veiled pop culture/history references (Nixon, Obama, founding fathers...) This book is perfect for sharing with students of all ages. Connections can be made with campaigns, slogans, debates, etc. It's not just a cute graphic novel -- it's great for teaching, re-reading, and most of all...sharing!

Be sure and visit the campaign site on Babymouse's webpage to see all of the candidate's campaign videos and cast your VOTE!


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