It's Monday! What are you reading?

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Last week:

Last week looks like a slow week...was it the holiday? Or was I just reading big books?
 (I did read 1197 pages with these 3 books!)

I'll admit that I struggled with Ghost Story.  I love The Dresden Files series but I kept finding myself putting this book down, grabbing my phone, and browsing Twitter.  It finally hooked me and then it was easy to get through.  I had waited a long time to read it because of lack of availability at my library.  I finally figured out their copy was stolen and asked for them to reorder a copy.

I LOVED both Every Day and The Raven Boys.  Wow.  I'll be purchasing both for my school library and booktalking them in the fall.

I did read several picture books with my son, but I don't put those on GoodReads because I don't use them with my students.  He's partial to BumbleBee Boy right now!

What am I reading this week?

(an ARC copy from HeiseReads&Recommends)

(both are from my public library:  HOLDS I picked up on Friday)

I also need to dive back into my stack of Eliot Rosewater Wannabe's that must be read and rated before September.

There's also those Battle of the Books (top secret!) copies that are sitting in my TBR pile that need questions written as well...

So many books to read...

So glad it's SUMMER!

(Oh, and by the way...only 9 days left of #summerthrowdown!  Keep it going #LeagueofLibrarians!)


  1. I loved Scorpio Races so I can't wait to read The Raven Boys... I'm glad to see glowing reviews start to trickle in...

  2. Argh! Feel like I haven't been reading enough for Team Librarian! If you like Between the Lines, you might pick up Townley's The Great Good Thing, which is my favorite about a book that comes to life!

  3. Ms. Yingling I think you're leading the team in most books read!

    Katya, I thought The Raven Boys was better than Scorpio Races!

  4. You officially win for making me the most excited about a book today- I had no idea that Tale Dark and Grimm had a companion coming out!!! I cannot wait to read it! I also am excited about the Stupid Fast sequel and am a bit intrigued about the Jodi Pocoult YA book.

    Happy reading this week!

  5. I win?! YES! :) The companion book is amazing. My 10 year old daughter read it first since Every Day arrived with it and then Raven Boys came right as I finished that. She loved it. I'm loving it too!

    I've heard a lot of good things about the Picoult book...I love a good fairy tale!

  6. In a Glass Grimmly was so much fun! It was similar but definitely different from Tale Dark and Grimm. Hard to compare them because they really are different. I think I liked Tale Dark and Grimm more...but this one was also fun.

    I have a strong feeling that I need to read more David Levithan. I have loved everything I have read by him so far but I think I need to read more!


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