Summer Throwdown

You've heard all the hype on Twitter this past week...but what is it all about and how in the world did this new hashtag and competition #summerthrowdown come about?

Well, it started with this:


and then this:

and from there #throwdown, as made famous by Brian Wyzlic and Jillian Heise, became #summerthrowdown:  a month long competition between Librarians and Teachers to read the most books for bragging rights.


Want to hear more about #summerthrowdown?  The nitty gritty?  Check out Jillian's blog post found at

Hope you'll ALL join us whether you join the #LeagueofLibrarians or #LeadLearnerLegion!  Grab your TBR pile and get to reading!

June 18 - July 17 = #summerthrowdown

Librarians unite!


  1. I am really excited about this Summer Throwdown! I think it's a really clever idea, and I'm hoping it will spur me to read more. Grad school doesn't make it easy, but Summer Throwdown may be just the ticket!
    Thanks for coordinating it!

  2. Thanks! It's definitely not my original idea, but it's going to be a blast! I love how the Twitter stream and Nerdy Book Club members are embracing it!


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