It's Monday (actually it's Tuesday...)

I know I'm one day late posting to this awesome meme, but I still want to do an update!  
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Last week, my only goal was to finish reading Pandemonium.  

Mission accomplished!  After a false start where I had to put it down, read a few other books, review what had happened in Delirium and then pick it back up...I FINALLY read it!  I enjoyed it quite a bit after I got used to the "then & now" alternating chapters.  At first this was confusing to me, but I was eventually sucked into the story.  And the ending? Wowza!  Bring on book 3!

So, what else did I read while I was avoiding the book above?
One word:  Babymouse.

Lots and lots of Babymouse.
7 of them to be exact.
I read every Babymouse I hadn't yet read.  
I'm officially an addict now. 
I must buy a t-shirt. 

I also read Rape Girl by Alina Klein and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews.

Reviews of both coming soon....

This week my plans are to read A LOT! 
#SummerThrowDown started yesterday (see why I was too busy to blog?) so I am planning on being a reading machine!  

My bookstack for the week (and beyond?):


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