Babymouse 4 Prez

LOVE this reference to the movie Dirty Dancing!
Just another normal Friday around the house... a doughnut run and now a Babymouse Photo Shoot!

Yesterday I went on a Babymouse reading binge and read 5 books from the library. I have only two left to read: Our Hero and the elusive Babymouse For President which has not yet been released.

My son and I decided this morning was a good time to shoot some pictures of each other with our favorite Babymouse books. (My 10 year old daughter refused to play along...). So, enjoy! We've submitted some of them on Twitter with the #Babymouse4Prez hashtag in hopes of winning a copy of the book in the Nerdy Book Club contest! Thanks for the fun contest! Any excuse to drag out the dress up hats and pose with Babymouse books is a good one in my book... :)

Rock on Babymouse!
Babymouse, you ROCK!
He did the mash...the Monster Mash
I'll get you my soon as I finish this Babymouse 

It's beginning to look a lot like...Babymouse!
My favorite?  Definitely my son wrapped up like a mummy.  Makes me laugh everytime I see it!


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