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Yep, I'm jumping in and joining up with 600 other teachers and librarians across the nation to WRITE this summer.  This fabulous program is hosted by the wonderful ladies listed above by their Twitter handles:  Kate Messner, Gae Polisner, and Jen Vincent. It's a new undertaking for me.  I started this blog in January and have not done a very good job keeping up with it.  I also am the first person to tell students that I'm not a creative writer.  I need to stop that and begin working on becoming a more creative writer who is better with the whole process.  I was perfectly comfortable in graduate school writing technical papers (hello, I'm a librarian: research is my friend!) but ask me to be creative and I freeze up.  Maybe it's because I'm self-conscious about so much and writing seems so personal...

Make a writing plan for your summer and for your school year.
  1. I am an amazing time waster.  I get on the computer for "just a minute" and 2 hours later wonder what in the world just happened.  There's facebook to peruse, twitter streams to keep up with, and my ever growing Google-reader is always over flowing with wonderful thoughts from fellow librarians, teachers, authors, runners, scrapbookers, and good people.  So... what to cut out of my schedule? WASTED COMPUTER TIME...or iPhone time, which is essentially the same thing.  Do I really need to read e-mails as soon as they come through? Immediately respond to every Tweet and Facebook posting?  I think we all know the answer to that one. :)
  2. I'd like to devote 15-20 minutes each day to writing.  I think this time will happen either after lunch or after supper.  Even in summer there's so much to fit into a day:  run, play with the kids, fix meals, laundry, read, orchestrate some type of "summer memory activity"... I'm hoping we'll all find bites of time to do things on our own. (Did I mention our family of 4 is home all summer? Perks of both being teachers...
  3. I plan to write at my desk...or maybe out on the deck...or sitting in my bed.  We'll see how I feel each day and where I feel the most inspired!  I'm sure I'll write on my computer or on my phone, depending where I am.
  4. Who am I telling about my writing plan?  Well, I'm telling YOU! I know that being a part of this big community will help keep me on track.  I also will share my plans with my family.  My daughter loves to write and I hope that she'll continue that love this summer.  I also hope to be a good example to her as I write too.
So now...I'm off to write another quick blog post and then work on the Monday Warm-Up!


  1. I'm following your blog now! :)
    The computer/phone becomes a huge time-waster for me as well. If I see you on Twitter I'll ask, "Aren't you supposed to be writing?!" :)


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