World Book Night Recap

This year I was once again selected to be a World Book Night giver on April 23, 2013.  I picked up 20 copies of  James Patterson's Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life  at my local Barnes and Noble store.  They had a get together of the local book givers where we were able to meet, share where and/or who we would be giving our books too all while sipping coffee and eating cookies.  Nice! 

On Tuesday, April 23, I took several copies of the book to a classroom of developing readers (wearing my Bibliovore t-shirt AND my World Book Night Giver sticker!).  "A free book?  Really?  For me?!  I can KEEP it?!"  The students were surprised, but very excited.  None of them had read the book and were intrigued by the cover and the cool pictures on the inside. 

For the rest of the day, I distributed the books in the library.  Middle school students stopped by to tell me why middle school was the best years of their life and picked up a copy.  (Students had heard about World Book Night on the daily announcements and stopped by when they could.) I know each student was excited to receive their own book to keep and read.  Look at the thank you notes below!

I know it wasn't at night...and I didn't stand on a street corner to distribute my box of books to strangers, but the students at my school who received books were definitely "light" readers and I hope this book will make a difference in their reading journey.

Thanks again World Book Night US for making this possible!  Hope to give out more books next year!


  1. I'm totally doing this next year! So awesome and love the shirt!

  2. Would you consider being a judge for our upcoming book cover award? Thanks for your consideration. Please email if you are interested. ewords4kids at gmail dot com


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