School Lunch Super Hero Day!

I think getting ready to celebrate School Lunch Super Hero Day on May 3 may have been the most fun preparations ever!

At our school, it started on April 26:  my first morning in the elementary for the big schedule switch where I've been assigned to teach 4 classes for the rest of the school year.  I decided to tell the classes about this super awesome NEW holiday where we had the opportunity to say "Thanks!" to our amazing cafeteria staff.

I showed the classes the video of Jarrett J. Krosoczka talking about why he created the holiday.  I showed them the video of the dancing lunch ladies (lot of giggles!).  Each class made a card that day for one of our cafeteria workers. 

I then shared the information with Mrs. Cornell who teaches the elementary library classes all the other days and told her we had to get every student to make a card during library time!

We then decided to have students sign huge yellow banners to hang in the cafeteria.

We also made posters/lists of favorite lunches by each class.

The whole time we emphasized to the students that this was a SECRET!  It would be a big surprise!

I spread the news to the elementary principal.  He spread the news to his entire staff.

I shared the news with my middle school students and THEY made a big banner with awesome messages like "I dream of your homemade rolls!"

We made a big stand up cut out of Lunch Lady so everyone could wear the apron & the hair! 

We put the news on our school website and daily announcements and encouraged everyone to wear yellow on Friday for the big celebration.  

Our awesome maintenance staff hung all the posters Thursday afternoon AFTER our cafeteria staff had gone home for the day. 

That morning before school, the elementary principal and I delivered doughnuts & goodies to our School Lunch Super Heroes.  We took their picture.  He had given them each a "Lunch Lady" button to wear.  They  talked about how surprised they had been to come into their cafeteria filled with the messages made them cry happy tears.  All day long, students delivered cards to our cafeteria staff and told them how much they were appreciated.

It was an amazing day.  It is always such a great feeling to recognize others for their hard work and commitment.   I know our "Lunch Ladies" felt extra special and I can't wait to celebrate again next year!   

Thank you Jarrett J. Krosoczka for creating such a fun holiday and reminding us to thank those who do so much for us and our students each day at school!


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