Earth Pals Wrap Up

After almost a whole school year of our Earth Pals project, it turned out the most difficult part was connecting with our sister school in Maryland to share our final presentations and wrap it all up!  (Darn you state testing!)

On April 11, Mrs. Welk's class and I prepared to skype with Mr. Yoo's class and Mr. Winner.  We wanted their class to see our Prezi background as well as each individual student as they spoke.  We decided we would skype using the ipad.  That day, the connection on our school wireless was awful in Mrs. Welk's classroom (oh the shortage of bandwidth...).  We quickly went to plan B and walked to the other end of the building to my library to skype the presentation.  Our students were nervous but very excited to show their Earth Pals friends all of their hard work.  We had practiced over and over again, tweaking little bits of the presentation to make it concise, meaningful, informative, and fun.

picture from Mr. Winner!

Once we set up in my library, the presentation went terrific!  The students spoke clearly and loudly, remembering to point to various parts of the charts as they presented.

Mr. Winner set up a Today's Meet chatroom for students to ask questions about the presentation.  There were no shortage of computers for my students to use since we were in the library!

Our students enjoyed talking to Mr. Winner and Mr. Yoo's class after their presentation was finished and that nervous feeling was gone!
Our Earth Pals prezi:

The next week,we presented our Earth Pals talk to all of the 3rd grade students, teachers and our elementary principal.  I brought along one of my super Library assistants to video tape the presentation.  Once again, students were nervous.  Afterwards, they shared that they were MORE nervous to present at our school because they were face to face with their audience. (smart kids!)

I think they did a great job! Mrs. Welk and I were so proud of them!

Watch their presentation below:

On May 16, we had the privilege of skyping with our Earth Pals in Maryland to see their presentation about saving energy at their school.  Mrs. Welk's class joined me in the elementary library to watch our pals present.   We once again connected on Today's Meet during the presentation by passing around a few laptops for each of our students to send encouraging words and ask questions.

Wow!  We were overwhelmed by their presentation!  Our Earth Pals told us all kinds of cool things about what they had been up to at their school, teaching others to conserve energy and measuring the amount of energy all of their technology used.  Their incredible infographic on Prezi was filled with interesting details, facts, charts and kept us all riveted.


Our Earth Pals collaboration has been simply amazing. Thanks Mr. Winner for inviting me to collaborate with you!  Many, many thanks to Mrs. Welk for collaborating with me at our school (and with Mr. Winner and Mr. Yoo).   Thanks again to ISTE-SIGMS for recognizing our collaborative project with the Technology Innovation award!  

It has been a GREAT year of learning, connecting, and doing awesome things together for the world where we live.

 Hooray for Earth Pals!

Mrs. Welk and I can't wait to finally meet our co-collaborators Mr. Yoo and Mr. Winner at ISTE in San Antonio!

Be sure and read Mr. Winner's Earth Pals: a TEDxElementary Project (Part 2) blog entry!


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    1. Thanks Maria! It has been a great project and learning experience for everyone involved.


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