Tom Angleberger Skype

When we had an unexpected snow day on March 6 -- World Read Aloud Day -- my 6th graders were completely bummed out.  Why?  We could certainly still read aloud the next day with other classrooms and teachers (and we did).  But the author skypes...that required a bit of finagling!  They had been looking forward to skyping with the amazing Tom Angleberger!

Tom graciously rescheduled with us despite his super busy schedule (Spring Breaks!  Book Tours!  Book Release parties!)

I gathered all 90 6th graders in our library along with their 3 reading teachers on May 7.  Sure it was a bit of a squeeze and not everyone was on camera the whole time, but we could all see and hear TOM which was what it was all about!

Tom shared some of his Star Wars origami with us (and quizzed us on our Star Wars knowledge of characters!).

He talked about his books.  He asked students to tell him their favorite books (besides his) and he shared some of his as well.

My students asked him some great questions.  (Where do you get your ideas?  Many real life experiences in school... Which book has been your favorite to write?  Horton Halfpott)

We laughed...a lot.  Tom called everyone Larry.  He joked about some of the books we liked.  At the end, he taught us all how to fold the 5 step Origami Yoda.  Everyone had an Origami Yoda on their finger waving it around to show him.

Basically, my students thought Tom Angleberger was the very best thing since sliced bread.  They grinned and giggled the entire skype session!  It was hands down, the coolest skype ever.

More pictures of our wonderful skype session may be found in the animoto video below:

Just a few of the Thank You notes students made for Tom Angleberger:

"Thank you for letting us Skype with you.  You are the funniest person EVER!  We both like to read but you need to read the Eragon Books. There are 4, Eragon, Eldest, Brisinger, and Inheritance.  Your reader, Zach"

Thank you Tom Angleberger for being an accessible author...for skyping with schools and libraries and for writing such awesome books!  My students will never forget meeting you!


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