Legend of Zelda Post-it Note Art

We've had a difficult time deciding on our post-it note window art this year...so much so our windows were blank the entire month of January!  The ideas were plenty, but the designs didn't come together until I spotted this Skittle art on Pinterest:

We had already created Mario window art but Link looked like fun!  My senior girls begin to search online for ideas and inspiration.  Next thing I knew there was a graphed out sketch of Link and Zelda and a list of what colors of Post-its we needed.   The idea that I needed to purchase small post-it notes for the project came last. (They were ready to kick it up a notch!) 

I managed to take a few pictures along the way which you can see in the video below.

The end result is a masterpiece.  I think it may be my favorite window art yet....but I say that every time something new is finished.  It's been recognized by many students and teachers this week. 

I'm really liking the fact that Link is holding a heart and not his sword...a February/Valentine's Day touch that is not too over the top.

Well done ladies.  

Well done indeed.


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