Batty About Books: Part 3

Today we finish up our discussion about Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities by Mike Jung.

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Part 3: pages 202 - the end!

I really felt like this book found its niche in the last section or maybe I just hit my own reading groove with it for the last 100 pages.  I always love it when I gain more and more interest in a book, like a snowball rolling down the hill and I have to run to keep up with it, reading page after page as fast as I can until I reach those two words:  THE END.  I wish I hadn’t stopped at Part 2 because I found the last part a little slow. It was so much less about the other three characters that I missed them even though Victor was the MC all along. I think this is definitely a book to be “gulped” rather than “sipped”. Both kinds are valuable, but it’s nice to be able to read a book the way it asks to be read.

The romantic tension between Vincent and Polly is acknowledged in an adorable way at the end of part 2 and continues on to the end.  

"I scraped up all the tiny specks of courage I had and looked at her.  She was still looking at me, and KAPOW! It was like an electric shock to make eye contact with her.  This time we both looked at the ground.” (p. 198)
Hearing this from Vincent’s point of view in his voice is just perfect.  I know, I know, guys won’t think it’s adorable but I think middle school guys will understand and relate.  Middle school girls WILL think it’s adorable and hope to experience the same. :) Guys may not think it’s adorable but they will recognize those feelings and hopefully feel less awkward.  The way the romance slowly grows as he gets to know her better, the hand holding with the sweaty hands, I hope it will makes them feel validated! I thought it was so adorable, but I would love to know how kids see it. I think girls will love it. Guys may not ADMIT to loving it - but I think they will identify with it in their secret soul. That’s just as important.

I loved the interaction between Captain Stupendous and Mayhem... as Mayhem goes on and on I was reminded of the scene in The Incredibles where Syndrome, the villain, says “You got me monologuing!”  Mayhem definitely is a fan of the monologue!  During his monologue, we readers are able to discover answers to questions we’ve had during the story. (p. 209-) And, of course, that’s solid super villain stuff! We all recognize it and know that somewhere in there, the villain will reveal his defeat.  Though Jung turned the tables - literally because THAT’S where the doom was and not in the monologue!

One of my most favorite parts/quotes is towards the end:

“...I know at least TWENTY girls who could knock your sorry butt into the next state!”...YOU SUCK, AND GIRLS ARE AWESOME!” (p. 269) and is said by Captain Stupendous.  I cheered when he said that! (and chuckled too) I felt like we were a part of this cool inside joke!! We as readers know the Captain’s identity while Mayhem is caught up in what he thinks he knows! Sucker! I made a note of this too, but forgot to put it in my thoughts. I absolutely LOVED that! I grinned- and I agree that the reader will love it because they are on the inside of the joke.

I don’t want to give any hints or spoilers as to how this whole story peaks and resolves, but suffice it to say that it is definitely worth the read!

I give it a 4 heart rating:

I’m super excited to share this with middle school students.  I’m already anticipating this is a book I will need multiple copies of in my library.  I bought one copy, and I’m wishing I grabbed more. If I do a March Scholastic order I’ll see if they have it on sale. That’s how I got my paperback copy.

There doesn’t seem to be an “official” book trailer, but these two videos crack me up.  I’ll probably share them with students as I talk about the books:

I should totally dress like this to book talk this book!


Thanks for joining us for Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities!


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