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THIRSTday - Book Gap Challenge

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This morning I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with sugar cookie creamer and delving into two NON-FICTION books. 

The first, Extra Lives, is for Level Up Book Club. I've had it since October and now it's time to actually read it so I can participate in our upcoming Twitter discussion!  The second, Girls Who Rocked the World, caught my eye at the public library last week.  I mentioned it on Twitter and now several of my Nerdy Book Club friends are planning on reading it as well.  It seems like a fun AND informative book that will be great to have in my library.  I'm looking forward to book talking some of the awesome women in this book!

That's right folks, I'm reading non-fiction.  I know you're shocked.  You know I don't read non-fiction.  I have more than a slight aversion to it.  Not reading it means I have a gap in my reading and the first step is admitting there's a problem.

Cindy posted a thoughtful blog post about book gaps in her reading habits earlier this month.  After some discussion on Twitter, Donalyn also blogged about book gaps and issued a book gap challenge to all Nerdy Book Club members.

So today, I'm admitting here to you all: My book gaps are vast.  I rarely read non-fiction, poetry, sports, and usually avoid realistic books especially if there's a possibility of crying.  I love graphic novels, fantasy, science fiction, super natural books and a good romance.  

But I'm going to make an effort to do better: to expand my reading a bit for myself AND for my students.  I am accepting the #bookgapchallenge and adding some variety to my reading diet for 2013 starting NOW.

The more I read, the better I'll be about putting exactly the right book into the right hands at the right moment...and that is my daily goal as a librarian.  


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