It's Monday!

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This week I read:

It was a great week of reading! (I LOVE Christmas break!)  As you can see, it was also quite a varied week with graphic novels, realistic fiction, humor, ... even an Adult fiction book!  I think I did fairly well for #bookaday!

This week I'm reading:

I'm continuing with the two non-fiction titles I started last week.  I thought I could be disciplined and read a chapter in each one every day. Yeah, that didn't happen. :)  I"ll try and do better this week!  I also added a third non-fiction title, Book Love, that I'll talk more about later this week.  (How's THAT for addressing my book gap and joining the #bookgapchallenge?!)

What else will I be reading this week?  We'll see...I find that when I read a lot like this during breaks, it becomes difficult for me to settle in with one book.  I pick up a book, flip through a few pages, sit it down, and pick up another one.  I'm not sure why this is but I know I'm not very disciplined about it.  If a book doesn't grab me, I'm not very persistent. I do hope to finish several books this week.  Guess you'll have to stop in next week and see what I read!

Happy reading!  Have a wonderful New Year's Eve! 


  1. Great job on your book gap! :) Happy New Year!

  2. So this is the third blog today that has Book Love on it. I really need to get a copy. Looks like you had a great reading week! Happy New Year!

  3. I enjoyed jumping into some adult reads this week as well. I'm really excited about Wool (an adult dystopian I just started). I think one of my goals for 2013 is going to be to make sure I read some books just for ME... like the Star Wars books I keep putting off...

    I started Girls Who Rocked this week, too :)

  4. It's the second time that I've seen Book Love this week, it does seem like worth checking out. I've been meaning to find The Year of the Beasts as well, I am intrigued by the book cover. I also envy you for your Goodreads updates. Our account has been languishing for the longest time and I haven't had the energy to update it. Hopefully, before the week ends.


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