FAUXasis and Level Up Book Club

For six weeks I had a "slight" obsession (my family may tell you otherwise...) with an amazing side quest my pal Matthew Winner hosted at Level Up Book Club called FAUXasis.  It was inspired by the epic book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The quest began October 20 and ended December 1.  Mods/Challenges posted every 3-5 days and included a wide range of riddles that challenged our knowledge of movies, songs and video games, tested our gaming and research skills, and included a super creative use of Google Earth and even a visit to Second Life.  Each new mod showcased the creative genius of Matthew as Game Master and challenged participants to think outside the box.  

Read more about this quest and each mod here at Level Up Book Club.

On December 2, the winner was announced:

Yep, that's ME!  It was such an honor to be named the winner!  (I literally jumped for joy when I saw the blog posting and tweet!) It was a tough competition that truly challenged my thinking skills, but it was oh so much fun!

Of course, there was a prize for winning.  Check it out:

Notice the wax seal? Super official!

A fitting prize for an amazing journey!

Many thanks to Level Up Book Club, all the amazing FAUXasis challengers, and 
Matthew Winner for the great fun!


  1. That's awesome that you won! I remember you working hard to figure out the clue while in Vegas! :) Congrats

  2. Thanks Jenn! yes, I was obsessed enough to even continue playing while in Vegas :)


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